Meet Mohammad

Mohammad Latif is the Ontario PC candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh.

Mohammad was born and raised in Pakistan, and in the mid-90s chose to make Windsor his family’s home.

In Pakistan, Mohammad led the family business, which partnered with the textile industry in Asia, Europe and the United States for over a decade.

An entrepreneur, his various business ventures have included the manufacturing of custom kitchens and cabinets, as well as commercial printing.

He and his wife, Dr. Shazia Latif, have two sons in university.

As MPP, Mohammad will fight for affordable hydro rates, improved health care services for the Windsor area, and safer communities.

Mohammad has deep roots in Windsor-Tecumseh, and he wants future generations to have the opportunity to grow and succeed in the community like his family did. He will work tirelessly so that Windsor-Tecumseh families who work hard to pay less and get ahead.